Learning Salsa

At Salsabaile1 we teach Cuban and L.A. styles of Salsa. You can learn the basic steps, go on to develop more complex routines and enjoy the fun of the Rueda de Casino2

Learning a new skill is always a challenge, but at the same time our aim is to provide FUN lessons with no pressure. Salsa is a great way to meet new people and to get fit. You don't need a partner and we welcome both men and women of all ages.

Our classes are suitable for beginners and improvers/intermediates and are led by experienced teachers who can support you whether you are starting form scratch or looking to improve your technique.

Practising is important - we recommend some great CDs to help you listen to the rhythm and practise your steps at home!

1 baile - pronounced "by-lay" - means dance, in Spanish  

2Rueda (pronouced roo-ayda - means "wheel")  is a group dance in a circle with frequent changes of movement and partner - see the Rueda Video

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